Our Difference

Slater & Associates Insurance, Inc. has operated successfully since 1988.  During that time,we’ve seen a number of changes in the insurance industry, however one goal has remained constant—that of providing significant added value to our clients, value that simply cannot be matched elsewhere.

Keith Slater, Principal at Slater & Associates Insurance states:

“The insurance brokerage and distribution system has changed quite a bit over the years.  As recently as 10 – 15 years ago, the main differentiator between brokers was who could obtain the best price, and the ability to obtain the best price was dictated by which carriers you represented.  Carrier appointments were difficult to obtain, and therefore the carriers you represented were a major distinguishing factor.  That has changed.  The truth of the matter is that most good brokers now generally represent the same group of carriers, and therefore we can all come in with close to the same price.

Recognizing this phenomenon, astute insurance buyers now focus on what services a broker brings to the table.  We believe that simply placing coverage isn’t good enough.   Slater & Associates Insurance has made a substantial investment to bring value added products and services to our clients, services that most insurance brokers just don’t provide.”

For individuals, we are able to offer a wide variety of products.  We don't narrowly focus on just auto or home insurance.  Growing concerns, such as identity theft coverage, earthquake availability, and short term medical insurance (especially during the economic downturn) can be addressed.

For businesses, when employers become clients of our agency, they immediately gain access to a vast array of important business consultation services.  Most of these are provided free of charge!  Following is just a partial list of the types of additional value-added services that clients of Slater & Associates Insurance enjoy:

  • Human Resource consultation;
  • Labor Legal consultation & questions;
  • Employee Handbook review;
  • Workers’ Compensation claims review and negotiation;
  • Organizational & Strategic planning;
  • General Business Legal, contract review, etc.;
  • Loss Control and Safety Strategies